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May 6, 2011 – CHEF Donates $58,000 to the Croton-Harmon Schools, Including Major Donation to New High School Science Labs

Croton-on-Hudson, NY, May 6, 2011 – The Croton-Harmon Education Foundation, in its Spring 2011 Grants cycle, announces the donation of funds for six grants totaling $58,000 to the Croton-Harmon Schools.

The largest grant will go to Croton-Harmon High School to fund 120 science kits for the two new science labs opening in the fall of 2011 (see the complete list of equipment below).   The kits will provide new state-of-the-art equipment for all the lab classes taught at CHHS–Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics—and will be an important contribution to the District’s new STEM-D (Science, Math, Technology and Design) initiative.

In the words of Croton schools Superintendent Edward Fuhrman, “This generous grant from CHEF will provide all the equipment needed for students to immediately get to work this fall in our new science labs at CHHS. Thank you CHEF for this major contribution!”

In addition, CHEF is funding BioLab software for the CHHS Animal Physiology class to enable students to do a variety of experiments including virtual dissection of animals.

Also at the high school, CHEF is funding a TI-Nspire Navigator wireless network that will connect the 30 CHEF-funded TI-Nspire CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) graphing calculators and will provide a more interactive and dynamic way for students to learn high-level math.

In a co-funded grant with SEPTA, CHEF is providing funds for five laptops for the Special Education department at the high school to increase computer and internet access for all students.

CHEF is also providing funds for the district to pilot a Mimio Teach System. This next-generation smartboard technology provides innovations in both cost and portability and will be evaluated for possible future use in all three schools.

At Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School, CHEF is funding a non-fiction upgrade to the CET library, providing 149 new high-interest non-fiction titles to replace the current outdated collection.

Thanks to the generous support of the Croton Community, the Croton-Harmon Education Foundation (CHEF) has awarded grants of more than $600,000 over the past 11 years to support innovation and enrichment for all Croton students. For more information about the Foundation, visit the foundation’s website at or become a fan of Croton-Harmon Education Foundation on Facebook.

Science Equipment for the New CHHS Science Labs

Funded by the Croton-Harmon Education Foundation, Spring 2011

Physical Science Probe Kit
• Vernier LabPro
• Force Sensor
• Gas Pressure Sensor
• Microphone
• Motion Detector
• Oxydation-Reduction Potential Sensor
• pH Sensor
• Photogate

Biological Science Probe Kit
• Vernier LabPro
• CO2 Gas Sensor
• Dissolved Oxygen Probe
• Flow rate Sensor
• Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
• Relative Humidity Sensor
• Turbidity Sensor

Physics Kits
• Electricity Assortment Kit
• Hooked Mass Set
• Set of Prisms
• Unbreakable Mirror
• Dynamic Car Set
• Spring Scale(1000 g)
• Spring Scale (5000 g)
• C-clamps (10 cm)
• Right-angle clamps

Earth Science Kits
• Four function Calculators
• USGS Haverstraw Quadrangle Topo Maps
• Streak Plates
• Electronic balance

Biology Kits
• Dialysis tubing
• Dissecting kit
• Dissecting pan
• Dissecting pins
• Microscope slides
• Coverslips
• Single edged razor
• Magnifying lens
• Chromatography paper
• 100 plastic 1ml. Pipettes
• Permanent slides -plant&animal
• Non latex gloves
• Organic molecular model kit
• Dropping bottles
• Test tube rack
• Pyrex Beaker set
• Erlenmeyer flasks
• Test tubes
• Petri dishes
• Graduated cylinders
• Utility funnels
• Test tube brush
• Test tube clamp
• Beaker tongs
• Lens paper
• Mortar and pestle

Chemistry Kits
• Iron support stand
• Iron support ring
• Wire gauze
• Clay triangle
• 250 mL beaker
• 100 mL beaker
• 50 mL beaker
• Eversafe alcohol thermometer
• Digital thermometer
• Evaporating dish
• Crucible and cover
• Watch glass
• 250 mL erlenmeyer flask
• Dropping bottle
• Bunsen burner
• Crucible tongs
• Microplates
• Scoopula
• Pneumatic trough
• Geometry/Math Drawing Aids Set
• Goggles
• Lab apron
• Beaker brush
• Double buret clamp
• Glass stirring rod
• Graduated cylinders
• Timers