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Awarded Grants

Awarded Grants:  Spring 2011

SCIENCE EQUIPMENT FOR THE NEW LABS – CHHS The largest Spring 2011 grant will fund 120 science kits for the two new CHHS science labs opening in the fall of 2011.   The kits will provide new state-of-the-art equipment for all 4 high school lab classes –Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics.

BIO LAB SOFTWARE – CHHS CHEF is funding BioLab software for the CHHS Animal Physiology class to enable students to do a variety of experiments including virtual dissection of animals.

TI-NSPIRE NAVIGATOR WIRELESS NETWORK - CHHS CHEF is providing funds for a network that will connect the 30 CHEF-funded TI-Nspire CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) graphing calculators and will provide a more interactive and dynamic way for students to learn high-level math.

LAPTOPS FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT – CHHS In a co-funded grant with SEPTA, CHEF is providing funds for five laptops for the Special Education department at the high school to increase computer and internet access for all students.

MIMIO TEACH SYSTEM – DISTRICT CHEF is funding a pilot of this next-generation smartboard technology at CHHS.  The Mimio System provides innovations in both cost and portability and will be evaluated for possible future use in all three schools.

NEW NON-FICTION LIBRARY COLLECTION – CET At Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School, CHEF is funding a non-fiction upgrade to the CET library, providing 149 new high-interest non-fiction titles to replace the current outdated collection.

Awarded Grants: Fall 2010

CHEF is providing funds to purchase a new lighting console to be used for all theatre and music productions in the high school auditorium. The console will be used for both high school and middle school productions, as well as student training in theatrical lighting.

CHEF is providing a grant to the CHHS English Department to start a Shakespeare Students-on-Stage program for 9th Grade English Students. The students will work with professional actors from the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.

CHEF is providing funds for new digital photography equipment to create professional quality portfolios for art students in all grades. The equipment will also be used by photography students to do digital studio photography.

CHEF is funding a new Japanese Printmaking workshop for AP Art students. Croton artist Joe Mullins will teach the history and technique of this 18th c. art.

CHEF is providing a grant to the English Language Learner program to purchase two iPods and a digital camera to enhance comprehension for students learning English as a second language.

CHEF is providing funds for interactive games to be used by the newly formed HOPE (Helping Our Peers Excel) program. This program is held twice weekly for Boces students with special needs and PVC 8th graders to interact and learn from each other and is part of a student exchange program between PVC & BOCES.

CHEF is providing a grant for an extensive new Guided Reading Library at CET. This library will be available to teachers in all grades to access multiple copies of books for use in new guided reading groups in the classroom. This program is being launched now to help students meet higher reading benchmarks recently set by New York State. The library will be comprised of leveled books for every grade at CET and will include 1,080 fiction and 1,080 non-fiction titles – 2,160 books in total.

Awarded Grants: Spring 2010

VIRTUAL HIGH SCHOOL – CHHS CHEF is providing startup funds to train the faculty facilitator for the new Virtual High School program at CHHS.  Virtual High School is an exciting new online education program that provides the opportunity for qualifying students to choose from a wide range of courses not offered at CHHS.

AP WORLD HISTORY TEXTBOOKS – CHHS CHEF is funding textbooks to launch a brand new course at CHHS – AP World History. This course will expand the AP Humanities options at the high school, and will offer an approach that lets student “do history” by using the methods a historian would take to analyze events and evidence from multiple perspectives.

MATH RESPONSE BOARDS – CHHS The math department at CHHS will receive CHEF support for individual response boards with built-in coordinate grids for all math classes to encourage increased student collaboration and differentiation of learning.

TI-NSPIRE CALCULATORS – CHHS The CHHS Math department will also receive 30 CHEF-funded TI-Nspire CAS (computer Algebra System) calculators.  These calculators have enhanced graphing capabilities and computer features providing students with a more dynamic way to visual and perform mathmatics.

OUTDOOR LEARNING LAB – PVC CHEF is sponsoring a brand new Outdoor Learning Lab at PVC. The space will be used to raise vegetables and flowers organically, and will have an impact across all grades and curriculum areas at the middle school – from science and health to math and social studies.

SCHOOL WIDE TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES – CET CHEF funded a school wide technology upgrade at CET with the purchase of fifteen digital camcorders, five webcams, and two microphones to be used by students for everything from enhancing class projects to creating digital libraries to going on virtual field trips.

Awarded Grants: Fall 2009

ROBOTICS EQUIPMENT – CHHS The new CHHS Robotics Club received funding from CHEF for equipment that will enable them to build and program large complex robots. These robots will be used by the club in regional competitions, as well as for classroom projects at CHHS.

CALCULUS & ALGEBRA IN MOTION SOFTWARE – CHHS CHEF funded a grant for Calculus in Motion and Algebra in Motion modeling software—to be used in math classes across all grades at the high school. These programs help students to visualize key math concepts through the use of interactive animation tutorials.

MATH TEAM BOOKS & MATERIALS– CHHS The new CHHS Math Team (Pi Sqad) received funds from CHEF for books and materials to pursue advanced math topics that go beyond the scope of the classroom, and to prepare them for local and regional math competitions.

GLOBAL HISTORY REGENTS REVIEW BOOKS – CHHS A CHEF grant to the special education program at the high school will provide for new Regents review books that provide a less complex alternative to the existing Global History review books.

HIGH SCHOOL PROJECTION SCREEN – CHHS CHEF provided funds for a new projection screen in the CHHS Community Room to be used for a variety of purposes, including the CHOOSE presentations done each spring by seniors at the high school.

SUSTAINABLE ORGANIC GARDEN – CET CHEF awarded a grant to CET to build a sustainable organic garden that will be primarily planned and maintained by the children. The third grade will be spearheading this project since it ties directly into their science curriculum on the life cycle of a plant.

Awarded Grants: Spring 2009

ATLAS CURRICULUM MAPPING SOFTWARE – District Wide CHEF provided funding for the purchase of Atlas Software, a web-based program designed to organize the curriculum of a school district into an electronic “map” that can be viewed by many users. This map facilitates collaboration among teachers across grades, subject areas, and schools. It also enables the sharing of curriculum strategies with administrators, the school board, parents and students.

STAND UP FOR LEARNING PROJECT – CET The 4th grade at CET will be participating in a nationwide action research project called “Stand Up for Learning” which encourages schools to create more flexible classroom environments to support different ways of learning.  CHEF provided funds for 24 stand up desks and adjustable stools (4 per classroom), which allow the children to stand for move while they learn.

A great story that gets the word out about the benefits of stand up desks — Stand Up Desks Report / YouTube

MATH & SPELLING TOOLS – CET CET’S 3rd grade team received CHEF funds for an array of math games and manipulatives to assist students in developing critical thinking and strategy skills in math.  CHEF also granted funds to the 3rd grade for a new approach to spelling lessons using Didj handheld devices.

ECOLOGIST IN RESIDENCE – PVC The PVC 5th grade team was granted funding for a visiting ecologist, George Steele, as well as science supplies including microscopes and salinity and pH kits. Mr. Steele will serve as PVC’s “ecologist in residence” and he will teach scientific observation, testing, and record keeping as part of a new unit of study, “Human Impact on Water.”

SENTEO SYSTEM FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM – CHHS     The CHHS Special Ed program (TAP) received funds for a Senteo System, an interactive student response system that enables students to individually answer questions on a SmartBoard through the use of Senteo remote controls. This system promotes 100% class participation as well as improved classroom differentiation.

LIGHTING UPGRADE FOR FREDERICK BLAIS AUDITORIUM – CHHS The CHHS Auditorium will get a lighting upgrade with CHEF’s grant to the school for 36 theatrical lighting instruments.

PHOTOGRAPHY PROGRAM EQUIPMENT – CHHS The photography program of the CHHS Art Department received funding for additional cameras and supplies to enable more students to take advantage of the popular photography courses offered at CHHS.

Awarded Grants: 2000 – 2008

District Wide

  • SmartBoards & Laptop Computers
  • Strings Program/Startup Funds
  • Extensive Book Purchases for CET, PVC, and CHHS Libraries
  • Training for Administrators at Harvard Institute for School Leadership
  • Administrators’ Trip to China for Startup of Mandarin Program
  • Columbia Teachers College Reading & Writing Project/Startup Funds

Croton-Harmon High School

  • Telescope Equipment for Earth Science Curriculum
  • Digital Storytelling Technology for English Curriculum
  • Foreign Language Podcasting Equipment
  • Croton Academic Challenge Team National Championship Expenses
  • Art Supplies for Art Club Schoolwide Beautification Project
  • Ipod Nanos for Special Education Reading Program
  • Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Acting Class
  • Darkroom/Startup Funds
  • Digital Piano for Choral and Video Production Programs
  • Robotics Club Software and Graphing Calculators
  • Foreign Language and Literary Criticism Library Additions
  • Computer and Technology Equipment for Science and Math Programs
  • New Sound System for Frederick Blais Auditorium
  • Upstander Day sponsored by the Human Rights Task Force
  • CHHS Arts Day

Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School

  • XO Laptop Initiative for 5th Grade (co-funded with the PVC PTA)
  • Video Cameras and Adobe Software for Math/Science Classes
  • Music Composition Technology—Imacs, Keyboards & Speakers
  • Garden Project for 7th Grade Living Environment Classes
  • SmartBrain Software for ADHD Students (co-funded with SEPTA)
  • Math Software for Customized Learning in 6th and 7th Grades
  • Video-Conferencing Equipment for Science and Foreign Language Dept.
  • Guitars for Schoolwide Music Curriculum
  • Fifth Grade Library Expansion (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  • Chekov Theatre Ensemble/Stages of Learning Programs
  • Creative Writing After-School Program Supplies
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitats for Ecology Curriculum
  • Weather Station Training and Equipment
  • Club Getaway Outdoor Learning and Team-Building Program
  • Etching Press for Art Classes

Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School

  • Upgraded Sound System for CET Multipurpose Room
  • Artist in Residence Program for 3rd and 4th Grades
  • Schoolwide Hudson River Program (in conjunction with Clearwater)
  • Ipod Lab and Computer Hub for CET Library
  • Wireless Laptop Cart with 16 Computers for Schoolwide Use
  • Rain Forest Biomes for 3rd Grade Study of Rainforests
  • Outdoor Project Adventure Course (Michael Columbini Memorial)
  • Enhanced Lighting System for CET Multipurpose Room Stage
  • New Leveled Collection of Books (Grades K-4) for CET Library
  • Hot Air Balloon for 2nd Grade Unit on Flight
  • Blocks Program for 1st Grade
  • SmartBoards and Elmo Projectors Schoolwide
  • English Language Learner Technology for ESOL Program
  • Occupational Therapy Equipment
  • Math Manipulatives and Tools for 1st Grade