Science Equipment for New CHHS Science Labs (2011)
“This generous grant from CHEF will provide all the equipment needed for students to immediately get to work this fall in our new science labs at CHHS. Thank you CHEF for this major contribution!”
– Dr. Edward R. Fuhrman Jr., Superintendent of Croton Schools

LED Chinese Character Practice Boards (2011)
“On behalf of all students who are studying Chinese at CHHS (one out of five high school students), I want to express our gratitude for supplying us with funding to purchase the LED writing boards. We have been using them in all the Chinese classes and we love them. They are very cool learning tools and are easy to use and erase. We really appreciate all parents who have been our biggest supporters.”
– Sophie Wang-Paolicelli, CHHS Mandarin Teacher

Students-on-Stage Shakespeare Program at CHHS (2011)
“In the Students on Stage workshops, English 9 students engaged with Shakespeare’s language and text by participating in theater exercises led by actors from the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company. This fostered a deeper understanding from an actor’s perspective and will certainly enhance our in-class dramatizations of Romeo and Juliet in the spring.”
– Noel Schoenleber, English Teacher

Guided Reading Library at CET (2011)
“The entire staff at CET is thrilled that this grant was funded and we are really looking forward to having a true guided reading room.”
– Ana Maria Strattner, 4th Grade Teacher

Virtual High School at CHHS (2011)
“It is our belief that all students will eventually be required to take some sort of online course, and having their initial experience with the support of the school will optimize their chances of success.”
– Alan Capasso, Principal of CHHS

New AP World History Class at CHHS (2010)
“AP World History would not have been possible without the financial support of CHEF. This is a great example of what can be achieved when students, parents, and professional educators work together. “
– Thomas Naughton, History Teacher

TI-Nspire CAS Graphing Calculators at CHHS (2010)
“It can’t be true…so cool…I can’t believe this…can we use the FANCY calculator today? THANK YOU CHEF!”
– Pre-calculus Students

Theatrical Lighting Console for Frederick Blais Auditorium (2010)
Over the years, CHEF has given us the ability to increase the technology for our students and hence the artistic quality our students can achieve in our theatre productions that we could have never obtained on our own.”
– Meg Flood, Social Studies and Theater Teacher

IPods for Special Education Program at CHHS (2008)
“It is my hope that the purchasing of iPods will directly benefit those special needs students who struggle with reading comprehension and need to listen to audio recordings of books. The benefit of having the iPods is that it will allow up to four students to listen to an audio recording of a single book. Thanks to CHEF this will become a reality.”
– Kim Gaynor, Special Education Teacher

Ipod Learning Lab at CET (2007) “The Digital Library is a tremendous hit in the third grade! Students of with varied reading strengths are reading books together using the I-pods and the read-along books that were “digitized.” Very soon, we are going to create Book Clubs around the books that are downloaded on the Nanos. The students are excited to use the equipment and we all are looking forward to digitizing our own cassettes in the future.”
– Linda Reich, 3rd Grade Teacher

Photography Darkroom Startup Funds at CHHS (2007) “CHEF provided necessary funds needed toward the construction of the CHHS darkroom. The CHEF grant allowed us to purchase specific equipment, consequently allowing us to run our first photography class. We had a significant number of students interested in the class and were able to fill four (half-year) sections. Additionally, more than 60 students have shown interest in the photography club that meets during after school hours. We are grateful for CHEF’s support of our Art program.”
– Jennifer Moore, Art Teacher & Art Curriculum Coordinator

Math Software for Customized Learning at PVC (2007) “Thanks to CHEF, math teachers and students in grades 6-8 now have access to an innovative new software tool that helps students at all levels learn math using a language and medium they enjoy. RM Educational Software offers students multiple activities for learning numerous mathematical concepts, and can be used for academic intervention, regular classroom instruction, or for enrichment. Thank you, CHEF, for helping us enhance the mathematical education of our students.”
Amy Marnell & Kym Timpano, Math Teachers

Acting Class Startup at CHHS (2007) “The generous grant from CHEF has kicked off the first Drama course offered at Croton-Harmon High School. This course gives those students interested in theater the opportunity to learn from a professional to expand their budding knowledge of theater arts.”
Francine Kadish, Arts in Our Schools

Acoustic Guitars for Music Classes at PVC (2007) “The addition of acoustic guitar to our music curriculum enables students to apply what they have learned in music theory to an enjoyable and popular instrument. These instruments give students a new way to understand the common language of music, including notes on the treble clef, half step-whole step note relationships, and major, minor and 7th chords. Additionally, learning the guitar allows students to study the music they listen to outside of school alongside more traditional music, providing a great motivation for the students. Thank you, CHEF, for providing our students with access to these new instruments.”
– Michael Katzman, Music Teacher

China Trip for Startup of Mandarin Program (2006) “As a result of the initial Croton educators’ trip to China, generously funded in part by CHEF, eight Croton seniors visited China as exchange students last spring; Croton hosted 45 Chinese exchange students last summer; and we now have a group of 50 Croton high school and eighth grade students studying Mandarin this year before school. Without the encouragement and generosity of CHEF and its donors, none of this would have happened.”
– Dr. Marjorie Castro, former Superintendent, Croton-Harmon Schools

Occupational Therapy Equipment at CET (2006) “Your support has permitted the (Occupational Therapy) program to design a therapeutic sensory setting here at school. With such items as a platform swing, cloud nine pillow, balance beam and trampoline, the environment will be fun and provide just the right challenge. It is the commitment of your organization that has allowed this to become a possibility.”
Eileen Stark, Occupational Therapist

Hudson River Program Startup at CET (2006) “The students and faculty at CET are very grateful to CHEF! Their generous grant will allow students to learn about the Hudson River in a very personal way. The 4th graders, on Snap Shot Day, were able to use the water thermometers to monitor the water temperature through out the day. Using the new plastic aquariums enabled small groups to observe the animal life very closely. Younger students will use the Geoscopes to explore the river’s edge in a unique way. Teachers and parents are excited about putting on the waders and using the seining net to explore the animal life in greater depth. The CET Community thanks CHEF for their continued support in our study of the Hudson River!”
– Kathy Buckhout, 3rd Grade Teacher at CET

Video Conferencing Equipment for PVC Language Department (2006) “It’s remarkable how hard children work when they know they are going to be filmed. These multi-media tools will provide children a DVD portfolio they can take with them and add to during their language journey through their school years. Bravo to CHEF for supporting our efforts.”
– Charlene Sirlin, Foreign Language Teacher

New Sound System for CHHS Stage (2005) “All three schools, as well as the larger Croton community, use the Croton-Harmon High School auditorium for arts programs and assemblies. CHEF helped us to take a giant step forward with their generous grant to provide a new sound system for the High School Auditorium. Thank you CHEF for this valuable and lasting improvement to our schools.”
– Arts in Our Schools Committee

Etching Press for PVC Art Department (2005) “Thank you for granting us the money for our etching press. It is a wonderful addition to the art room. It has made the printing process more professional and consistent. Students have a greater appreciation of the true benefits of the medium.”
Wendy Armstrong, Art Teacher

Cellos for the Orchestra (2005) “A string orchestra is not complete without the addition of larger, low register cellos and basses. These instruments are costly and would not be available without the fine matching grants provided by the Croton-Harmon Education Foundation. Play on, CHEF!”
– Christine Chu, Jane Parkhouse, and Sara Worden – District Strings Teachers

Art Club School Beautification Project at CHHS (2004) “Thanks to CHEF’s generous support, the Art Club has been able to make our school and community a more colorful place.”
– Linda Meo, Art Teacher & Art Club Advisor


Didj Handheld Learning Systems
CET 2009
Didj handheld systems, funded by CHEF, provide a fun and innovative method of differentiated spelling instruction for CET students.