Grant Applications

Grant Applications
Grant Applications

2017 Spring Grants Due April 3rd, 2017

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Applying for a CHEF Grant

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The Croton-Harmon Education Foundation invites teachers, administrators, students, and other community members to apply for funding to benefit any or all of the district schools. Twice a year, we accept grant applications for major projects. For grant applications amounting to $2,000 or less (pop-up grants), we accept applications on a rolling basis.

Pop-up grants — new! In addition to our regular grants cycle (outlined below), we now have a quick,  pop-up grants program. Pop-up grants — which are capped at $2,000 per grant — are reviewed and processed as we receive them, which means that money gets into the schools more quickly. You can submit a grant request at any time. Submission by the first Friday of the month will have the quickest turnaround time.

Biannual Grant Cycle: now with a streamlined, 2-step process!  CHEF accepts grant applications for projects exceeding $2,000 twice a year: in the Fall (November) and Spring (April). During those cycles, the foundation welcomes teachers, administrators, students and other community members to apply for a CHEF grant for any of the three Croton-Harmon schools.

There are two types of proposals that are eligible for funding:

Program Enhancement and Innovation Grants
This grant is designed for a special program or piece of equipment not covered by the school budget. These awards are meant to encourage innovation by introducing a new program or enhancing an existing program.

School or District-Wide Grants
This grant is designed for strategic programs in which the benefits will be more far-reaching than the Program Enhancement & Innovation Awards by reaching large numbers of students in one or more schools.

New Streamlined, 2-step process! We have created a 2-step process to reduce arduous paperwork and to better align potential projects to CHEF’s mission and mandate. The first step includes some basic questions to start the conversation and assess whether or not the project is an appropriate for CHEF to fund.  The second step involves a deeper discussion with a CHEF liaison to gather additional details to bring to the board for a funding decision. We hope this will encourage participation and closer collaboration to best respond to opportunities throughout the district.


TI-Nspire CAS Calculators
CHHS 2010

CHHS students explore new ways of learning high-level math with the TI-Nspire CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) graphing calculators and wireless network funded by CHEF.